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El Celler Crivelle i Valls




The Crivellé i Valls winery is a small family business that was born in the municipality of Poboleda, within the Priorat Designation of Origin. Its origin comes from a family of vine-growers, who for more than four generations have grown vineyards on the estate of Mas d’en Gil, located in the municipality of Morera de Montsant, where we currently find old vines that are more than 90 years old. Along with more recently planted vineyards.

Fruit of a constant work and passion for viticulture and wines, in one of the most characteristic and unique places, this small project was born, with the premise of producing quality wines, respecting the essence of the territory and the way of doing it for centuries.

Its facilities are located on the ground floor of a house in the town of Poboleda. The winery has a limited production capacity, designed for the production of family vineyards, producing limited productions.

The Vinyards

The vineyards from where the wines from the Crivellé i Valls winery come are owned by the family.

The oldest vines are around 90 years old with the Garnacha and Cariñena / Samso varieties. The vineyards are located in the municipality of Poboleda and La Morera de Montsant, in the estate of Mas d’en Gil, located within the DOQ. The Priorat, that still conserves the house, where in 1885 the ancestors of the family lived and where they used to make wine in the cellars, some of which can still be seen in the same house.

The orography of our vineyards is diverse, one part is slopes with slopes close to 40% and slate soil and another part in flatter areas with muddy soils mixed with slate and deeper than the first.

Our vineyards are oriented in such a way that the vines are subjected to the breeze that blows on summer nights, called “Garbinada” sea breeze, which makes the ripening of the grapes a bit slower by giving a fresher touch to the wines.

One of the philosophies of the Crivellé i Valls winery is to select the best old vines of Grenache and Cariñena to extract grafts and use them in the new plantations, thus preserving the original varieties of the oldest plantations, which for more than 80 years have given Best results of adaptation, resistance and quality, managing to conserve the clones with better quality.

The wines we make are small works of art, starting with having the greatest respect for the environment when it comes to working the vineyards, doing most of the work manually, making rational use of the essential applications, not using herbicides and having in mind to the moles. Calendar for work in the field and warehouse. We know that to make a good wine you have to start from very good grapes and for that it is essential to have a good knowledge of viticulture and above all to know the terroir where the vineyards are located to know at every moment the needs of antitheses the most optimal harvest time is the grape, which in this case is manual. Our vineyards have passed through the hands of four generations of the same family, transmitting those small details of the wine knowledge of this particular place, providing an extra quality. The wines we produce are two red wines: Lo Flipat, LLàgrimes del Priorat and a white wine Xènia.

Poboleda Cradle of wines

Poboleda is located northeast of the center of the Priorat region. It is located on the Siurana river bank, protected by several natural barriers, the Montsant / Sierra de Prades mountain range and the pre-coastal mountain range. This geographical location allows you to benefit from a characteristic microclimate in the region, the cool breeze that enters the summer nights (marinated or garbinada) that softens the temperature, together with its geographical location, which is located in the north of the Priory, provokes that the harvest is collected between 8 and 12 days later than most of the municipalities located further west.

Celler Crivelle i Valls




WHITE WINE “XÈNIA”  91 pts. James Suckling


– This white wine shows strong aromatic floral intensity on the nose, with light touches of ripe white fruit.

– The palate has a fresh and pleasant, semi-sweet, reminiscent of white fruit with certain citrus notes, silky at the entrance, but with its own persolality, leaving a long finish.

Serving temperature: Serve Between 7º and 10ºcentigrade to appreciate all the aromatic qualities.

Lo Flipat



– Cherry color, with violet tones and a beautiful tear.

– The nose is a scented wine with notes of ripe red fruit, with light touches of vanilla and coconut.

– The palate is silky, but with volume and body, with a balanced acidity that gives a fresh final touch, easy to drink.

Pairings: It can be taken with meats, sausages, semi-cured and cured cheeses, rice in general, stews, as well as pasta and pizza.

Crivellé i Valls - Vinyes Velles

RED WINE “Crivellé i Valls ”

92 pts. James Suckling


– Dark cherry color, good layer, with violet tones and a nice tear.

– The nose is a scented wine with notes of ripe red fruit.

– The palate is balsamic, full bodied, with ripe tannins, with a final touch of sweet spices and balanced acidity.

Pairings: It can be taken with meats, sausages, semi-cured and cured cheeses, rice in general, stews.

Andreas Larsson | Best sommelier of The World 2007

Celler Crivellé i Valls – Lo Flipat Selecció 2015 – Priorat tasted 100% blind by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson. Inky dark purple colour. Floral hints, crushed berries and pepper, ginger, cardamom on the nose. The palate shows medium weight, with dense fruit like red and dark berries, plum and spice box, well balanced extract, fresh backbone, discreet oak and a long juicy finish, nicely rounded with good drinkability.

Celler Crivellé I Valls is making a splash in Sweden

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Catalunya och vart de bästa vingårdarna finns

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The article highlights the amazing wine region of Catalunya in Spain. As a winery based in Catalunya, we are proud to have been considered as the representative of the region.

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