The Environment

Poboleda, cradle of wines.

Poboleda is located northeast of the center of the Priorat region.

It is situated on the banks of the Siurana River, protected by several natural barriers, the Montsant mountain range/sierra de Prades, and the pre-coastal range.

This geographical location allows it to benefit from a characteristic microclimate in the region, the cool breeze that enters during summer evenings (known as “marinada” or “garbinada”) which moderates the temperature. Coupled with its geographical position, further north than the rest of the municipalities in the region, it traditionally results in harvesting between 8 and 12 days later than most municipalities located further west.


The microclimate of Poboleda, situated on the banks of the Siurana River and protected by the Montsant mountain range and the pre-coastal range, is key to the quality of its vineyards. This privileged environment, benefiting from the cool breeze of summer evenings, moderates extreme temperatures and allows for a slower and more balanced grape ripening. This climatic characteristic, along with its more northern location, enables a late harvest, between 8 and 12 days later than in other areas of the Priorat. This delay in the harvest is crucial for developing more intense and balanced flavors in the grapes, significantly enhancing the quality of the wine produced in the region.